Kind Kids of the 2nd Quarter, 2019

Kind Kids of the 2nd Quarter, 2019
Posted on 01/15/2020
Mason Beans Polk honored

We honored our Kind Kids of the 2nd Quarter at our December SOAR and would like to share what their students had to say about their kindness. 

3rdGrade: K’yonce Tsosie 
Some of the reasons K’yonce’s classmates chose her, in their words:

 “She is very nice. She always helps me.”

“She does not bully me! She does not leave me out.
“I love K’yonce like she is my sister, because she is so kind and she love me!”

 “She always helps me with work when I need it.”

 “The nice thing is, when somebody is hurt or crying she comes and cheers them up. If someone is playing with nobody, she comes and lets us play with her and her friends. She is the nicest to everybody!"

“She is nice to me, respectful to everybody, and she cares about me when I am 
hurt or sad.”

Her teacher, Mr. Krenz, says: “K'yonce has been a wonderful student in my classroom. She comes to school with a great attitude and always tries her best. She is helpful in the classroom and is considerate and kind with her classmates. K'yonce is a great role model for other children to follow at our school. Congratulations K'yonce on a well- deserved honor!”

4th Grade: Margaret Mullins

Some of the the reasons Margaret’s classmates chose her, in their words:

 “I am choosing her because she always helps me when I am lonely and is always so kind to everyone she meets.”

·            “Maggie is a good friend to have. Thanks for the being the first new friend I made in 4thgrade.”

·            “She never excludes me when I have nobody to play with. She is one of the kindest people on earth.”

·            “I have never, not one time, seen her be mean to someone and I see her everywhere. She always uses nice manners, and she is nice to me.”

·            “She is really kind, and she includes people.”

·            “She is a friend to everybody, and she is a friend to me.”

Her teacher, Mr. Crace, says: “Maggie is a quiet, soft spoken student but yet speaks volumes to her peers and teachers. She is always courteous and polite. We are all grateful to have Maggie as part of our 4th grade team.  Thank you for being a great person Maggie."

5th Grade: Jack Lincoln

 Some of the reasons Jack’s classmates chose him, in their words:

 “He is kind, always helps kids when needed, never complains, and always tries to be friends with new kids in school.”

“He is nice and kind. He likes to play and he makes everyone happy.”

“I pick him because he helps our teacher. He helps me, and holds the door for 
other people.”

“He has a lot of friends because he does not be mean to me or other people, 
and he helps with hard work.”

“He is kind to me, and he plays with me.”

“Jack is a friend to everybody, even people with no friends, even me.”

“When I am sad he always helps me feel better. ALWAYS!”

His teacher, Mrs. Kneffel, says: “Jack is a responsible student that is willing to help his peers and teachers.  He is always willing to lend a hand cleaning up and watering plants for gardening club.  Jack is well liked by his peers, works hard in class, and likes to tell jokes.  Jack is kind to everyone and wants to include others in all activities.”

6th Grade: Mason Beans-Polk

 Some of the reasons Mason’s classmates chose him, in their words

 “He is funny, kind, and he helps me in math class. He is really active and fun to play with.”

·     “Mason is really nice. When I am alone, he comes cheers me up.”

·     “He helps me with homework.”

·     “He’s nice, kind, fun. And nice, nice nice!”

·     “He never gets mad at me, and he always makes me laugh.”

·     “He is a good friend, and never gets mean or mad at me.”

·     “He works hard and is a good example to me. He helps me when I need help.”

His teacher, Mrs. Mercado, says: “I can honestly say that Mason is the epitome of a happy kid. He always has a smile on his face, even when he is going through troubled times he finds a way to turn his frown upside down and not let the sadness affect his day. He helps everyone no matter the task at hand. He does this with pure kindness and caring shining through his actions each and every day. Mason is definitely most deserving of this award, and a true role model of what a kind kid should be."


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