Accidents and Illness

Gladys Jung complies with federal, state and school district health and safety regulations. These require that every student attending school have on file in the school office a copy of their immunization record, and that any child showing symptoms of contagious disease not attend school until cleared by a licensed health care provider.

If your child becomes injured or ill, you will be contacted immediately. For this and other reasons, it is essential that you keep the school office informed of your current phone number. Both work and home numbers are needed. If you do not have a phone, please provide a message number.

Childhood illnesses spread rapidly at school. To protect others, when your child is sick, please keep him at home or make other arrangements. If your child becomes sick at school, you will be asked to take him or her home. Students are not to be in school if he/she has an oral temperature of more than 100 degrees, have a contagious condition, is vomiting, or other conditions deemed necessary. Extended absences (more than 3 days) due to illness require written clearance from a licensed health care provider.

We will not give a child medication without their parent’s written permission. Be sure to contact the school if your child has medicine to take while at school. All prescription medicines must be kept in the office.  The school does not provide over-the-counter medications (Tylenol, cough drops, Tums, etc.). The school district does not provide medical, accident or health insurance coverage for students.

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