Gladys Jung Elementary School

GJE Students
Gladys Jung Elementary School (formerly Kilbuck School) serves approximately 345 students in grades 3-6, with an additional self-contained intensive needs program. Our beautiful building is less than 10 years old and our gym serves not just our programs, but other student events and activities for area schools. 

Gladys Jung Elementary School strives to provide a strong foundation of academic excellence through a curriculum that challenges each student to reach his/her highest potential.

We believe:
  • that schools must provide an environment where teachers can teach and all students can learn;

  • that each child has physical, social, intellectual, emotional, cultural and creative strengths and needs which must be addressed by the parents, community and school;
  • that a curriculum must be provided which challenges all students to reach their highest potential;

  • that everyone must be respectful of themselves, others and property;

  • that students must learn to be responsible; and

  • that a school is more effective when there is community and parental involvement and support.

GJE Entrance

We believe that our children are our future.  We, the Gladys Jung staff, believe that both the school and community should work cooperatively in the best interest of Gladys Jung students to foster good citizenship.  We share with families the responsibility for the development of social skills and judgment that enable Gladys Jung graduates to be productive and responsible citizens in our community and in their personal lives.

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