Student Awards 2018

Student Awards 2018
Posted on 05/21/2018
3rd grader, Ethan S., with his well-deserved awards

The 3rd grade class won the Principal's Cup for the most overall growth!
Our third grade class won the Principal's Cup for the most growth overall!

At our last assembly of the year we celebrated student achievements, honored our Kind Kids, and said thank you to teachers who are leaving.

Teachers acknowledged students who showed the most growth over the year, and who exhibited a high level of citizenship in the classrooms.

3rd Grade Awards
Mr. Krenz awards 3rd grade certificates

Mr. Krenz congratulates Landon and Jack.

Mrs. Cronk
Reading: Oskar Erickson
Math: Katelyn Oscar
Citizenship: Eva Hoffman-Treat

Ms. Lamy
Math: Aleksandr Ferguson and Madalyn Evans
Language Arts/Reading: Tyler Maxie
Ms. Vaska
Language arts: Colton Guinn
Math: Ethan Solesbee
Reading: Ethan Solesbee
Citizenship: Josiah Wiseman

Mr. Krenz
Reading: Lucille Jacobs
Math: Landon Smith
Citizenship: Jack Lincoln

4th Grade Awards
4th grade teachers handing out awards

Ms. Kauffman congratulates Destiny, Gunnar, Skyler, Mason and Quentin.

Mr. Hankins

Math: Trajan Bell
Reading: Alejandro Rodgers
Science: Mary Jane Clyde and Joycelyn Keene

Mr. Grace
Science: Kaden Bee
Reading: Kylelynn Kassock
Citizenship: Ella Thompson
Language Arts: Alexia Kaganak

Ms. Gutleben
Science: Vasily Epchook
Reaching and math: Ardit Alimi
Citizenship: Mason Beans-Polk

Ms. Kauffman
Science: Destiny Lee-Peltola
Math: Gunnar Fitka
Reading: Skyler Stanley and Mason Beans-Polk
Citizenship: Quentin Riley

5th Grade Awards
5th grade teachers hand out awards
Ms. Charles congratulates Isabella, Zaret, Chandler and Florina.

Ms. Arno
Math MAPS growth: Hank Karr, Jerralyn White, Florina Saliju and Thomas Tyson

Mr. Drury
Math MAPS growth: Shayla Beach, Sheldon Smith
Citizenship: Liam Phelan, Kaitlyn Walters

Mrs. Charles
Reading: Florina Saliu, Chandler Stanislaus
Citizenship: Isabella January, Zaret Beaver

Mrs. Hoffman
Reading, most growth in MAPS: Madison McMillen and Shayla Beach
Reading, most Lexile growth: Lexis Foss and Hank Karr

Ms. Gregor
Math: Jeremiah Martin
Reading: Isaiah Nicolai

PE Awards
Mr. Johnson also gave out awards for excellence and leadership in PE for each grade level:

Mr. Johnson handed out awards for excellence and leadership in PE
Mr. J. congratulates Alvino and Briella.

3rd: Ethan Wheeler, Aaliyah Morgan

4th: Mason Beans-Polk, Rhea Kanuk
5th: Briella Herron, Alvino Vasquez

All 6th grade awards will be given during the 6th grade promotion

Patriot's Pen
All of our 6th grad Patriot's Pen participants
All of our 6th graders who participated in Patriot's Pen

Our local VFW Post representatives were present to honor students who participated in Patriot's Pen this year. Patriot's Pen is a nationwide, VFW-sponsored youth essay competition open to students in grades 6-8. Students write essays on the year's patriotic theme and are all given a free pizza, with the top essay writers receiving cash prizes up to $250!

Patriot's pen participants receiving certificates and looking forward to their free pizza!
Students receiving certificates and looking forward to their pizza prize.

Our first place winner this year is Adil Zulbeari and we couldn't be more proud of you, Adil!

VFW leaders award prizes to our top Patriot's Pen essayists

Alaska Migratory Bird Calendar
Congratulations Winnie and Brad!
We are very excited to honor all of our students who participated in the bird calendar contest this year. Many of our students received ribbons, and two of our students will be represented in the 2019 calendar! Congratulations to Sheyna Jenkins, Laney Thon, Lena Lamont, Winnie Lee and Brad Judy for their local blue ribbon awards; and to Winnie Lee and Brad Judy, who also won at the state level and whose contributions will be in the 2019 calendar. Brad Judy won the grand first place award for literature with his poem! You can see his contribution here, as well as the list of winners:

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