Kind Kids of the First Quarter

Kind Kids of the First Quarter
Posted on 04/23/2019
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We'd like to honor our students who received the "Kind Kids of the Quarter" award during our first quarter of the academic year. These students continue to make a difference, and we welcome you to congratulate them and honor them with us! 

3rd Grade: Russell Webber

     Some of the reasons Russell’s classmates chose him, in their words:

  • “He is nice in math and reading.”
  • “He is respectful and caring. And he is fun!”
  • He is the nicest kid I know.”
  • “Because he is nice in math, and he is always kind.”
  • “He helps me in math, and always makes me laugh.”
  • “He shares and plays games with me.”
  • “He is friendly to everyone.”
  • “He is a good example for all the kids.”

His teacher, Ms. Vaska, says: “Russell Webber is a very respectful third grade student who diligently works on whatever tasks he is asked to complete. Russell is considerate, friendly, and hardworking. He does not interrupt the teacher to tell us that he is finished with something, instead he waits for his turn to show what he has done. Russell is quick to offer help to those in need.”

4th Grade: Ethan Wheeler

     Some of the reasons Ethan’s classmates chose him, in their words: 

  • “Because he always helps me and lets me be on his team.”
  • “He helps and he is very kind and nice to everyone.”
  • “He has a good personality. He’s never mean, he’s kind and really nice. He’s not jealous and never a bully.”
  • “He is really honest and is a really good friend. He helps other people when he is done with his work.”
  • “When his friend fell he helped him up!”
  • “Because he is nice and friendly.”
  • “He helps me a lot, and he lets me play with him.”

His teacher, Ms. Gutleben, says: “Ethan Wheeler is a fabulous child.  His smile is bright and cheerful.  The gleam of playful mischief in his eyes could draw any person into his world of happy.  This child never runs out of energy and plays hard.  He gives any assignment or activity his best effort.  He encourages and lifts up others around him. Ethan has leadership skills, is trustworthy, and would make anyone a fun and kind friend to have around.”  

5th Grade: Nora Nelson

     Some of the reasons Nora’s classmates chose her, in their words:

  • “She is a good friend.”
  • “She is kind to me and others. For instance, she is the class police officer but she does it in a nice way and doesn’t brag about it.”
  • “She is really nice to me and she makes me laugh when I am sad. She stands up to kids who are mean to me. She includes me when I have no one to play with.”
  • “She is a friendly person and very kind to everyone. She is sweet and smart.”
  • “She asks other people are you ok when they are sad or look sad. And she is so nice.”
  • “She is nice, kind, funny and she has never said or did something to hurt my feelings or be mean. I am also choosing her because when I am feeling down she always knows how to cheer me up.”
  • “I am choosing her because she is always kind to people and helps them when they need help. And when I’m sad she’ll cheer me up.”

Her teacher, Mrs. Hoffman, says: “Nora is a sweet and kind student. She is new to Gladys Jung Elementary School and has fit in nicely with all of the fifth graders. She goes out of her way to help others and is willing to play with those who look like they need a friend. She has been a welcome addition to our class and school. Everyone wants to sit next to her because she is friendly and outgoing. When choosing between being right or being kind, she often picks being kind. We are so grateful to have her at our school!” 

6th Grade: Kaitlyn Walters 

     Some of the reasons Kaitlyn’s classmates chose her, in their words: 

  • “I chose her because she doesn’t be mean and even if someone talks about me she still doesn’t be mean.”
  • “She is nice, she doesn’t be in fights.”
  • “Because she is nice, smart, and has a smile every day.”
  • “She is cool, nice and honest.”
  • “She is nice, smart, and has a smile every day.”
  • “She helps me when I have problems, and she cares about others.”

Her teacher, Mrs. Stuart, says: “Kaitlyn always has a smile. She is ready to help her friends and teacher. Kaitlyn has a positive attitude and is a pleasure to have in class.”


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