Kind Kids of the 4th Quarter

Kind Kids of the 4th Quarter
Posted on 05/18/2019
M. Krenz and Mrs. DeHaanWe concluded our 2018-2019 Kind Kids awards this week at our 4th Quarter SOAR assembly. Congratulations awardees!  

3rd grade: Madeline Krenz

Some of the reasons Madeline’s classmates chose her, in their words:
“She asks to sit by us, and she is polite.”
“She is my friend.”
“She is the nicest friend in my math. She asks to sit by me.”
“She is helpful and nice to me every day.”
“When I’m alone she comes up to say let’s play together.”
“She is so nice.”
“She is kind and respectful and nice to me. We like each other as friends. That’s
why she has lots of friends, for being nice to everyone.”
“She is always kind, funny and sweet. She never gets into fights and she always makes my day, and makes me smile when I feel down.”

Her teacher, Mrs. DeHaan, says: “Madeline Krenz displays all the qualities of someone who deserves to be Kind Kid of the Quarter. Her friendliness and willingness to help others in the classroom is unmatched. She is constantly supporting her classmates in every way possible and doing it with a smile on her face. Other students enjoy sitting next to her and working with her because of her wonderful attitude. Madeline makes our classroom a more supportive and kind
place for students. Thanks for helping spread kindness around the school Madeline! Thanks for being you!”

4th grade: Zoey McCoy

Some of the reasons Zoey’s classmates chose her, in their words:

“She is my friend. She has been really nice to me since she moved here from Arkansas.”
"She has been nicer to me than all my friends this year, and a really, really good friend. Also because she is very kind.”
“Because she plays with me when I am left out.”
“She is a good girl and she’s a cool girl, and she’s nice and funny.”
“She’s funny, intelligent and nice. She likes sharing and she loves everybody, which I LOVE!”
“She is nice and she is friendly and kind. She is a good friend.”
 “She always talks when I’m down, and she is a good friend.”

Her teacher, Mr. Crace, says: “Zoey has only been with us for a short period of time however she has made her presence known in all of her classes with her work ethic and outgoing personality. She is willing to work with any and everyone. She has made a big impact on not only her peers
but also her teachers. Because of her outstanding character is why she was chosen for Kind Kid of the Quarter.”

5th grade: Sara Charlie
Some of the reasons Sara’s classmates chose her, in their words:

“She is my friend, and she has always been my friend.”
 “Because she’s nice to everyone, not just her friends.”
“Sara makes me laugh, and she always laughs at my jokes.”
“She listens to the teachers and cares about her friends.”
“Because she always shares Jolly Ranchers and snacks with me.”
“If I’m hungry and don’t have snack she shares me.”
“She will play with everybody, and is nice to all the kids.”
“She always smiles, every day she smiles at me and everyone.”

Her teacher, Mr. Drury, says: “Sara's peers chose a student who goes out of her way to exemplify what we look for in a student who follows the classroom and school CHAMPS rules. Sara works hard at being friendly and nice to others in our school and has a positive attitude that helps her
succeed in school.”

6th grade: Aaliyah Wasuli

Some of the reasons Aaliyah’s classmates chose her, in their words:

“She helped me with bringing me to the front office for an ice pack, and going to Mr C. at Mr. Smith’s office and call my mom to bring me to the hospital.” 
“She is always nice and kind to everyone anytime, not just sometimes.”
“Because she is nice to people and me.”
“Aaliyah is so nice, kind, quiet, and pretty.”
“She is kind and helpful to others.”
“She is nice.”
“Because she is kind and respectful.”
“She is always kind to everyone.”
“She is nice, even to people she doesn’t know or that aren’t her friends.”
“She is very kind, and is honest and cheers me up.”
“She is not mean. Really, she is never mean to anyone.”
“When she has a snack she sometimes shares with me. She asks if I’m okay when I’m down. She makes me laugh a lot.”

Her teacher, Foya, says: “Aaliyah Wasuli is one of the kindest girls I have come across.  I have seen her give up prizes she has won to other students, just so they
can have something when they've had nothing.  She helps everyone around her regardless of who they are or what they need help with.  She always has a smile on
her face.  She is the sweetest girl.  I'm honored to have her in my classroom this year.  Quyana Aaliyah for all that you are!”
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