Kind Kids: 2nd Quarter

Kind Kids: 2nd Quarter
Posted on 05/13/2019
Kindness QuoteWe continue honoring our kind Cranes, by highlighting the students who won awards for being Kind Kids of the 2nd Quarter. 

3rd Grade: Arlind Zulbeari

Some of the reasons Arlind’s classmates chose him, in their words:

  • “He is nice to everybody, even to his friends at this school.” 
  • “He is a smart student. He follows the rules and he is nice. He helps kids when they are stuck on something.”
  • “He helps when it’s needed. He listens to the teacher.”
  • “He asks before doing stuff. He is respectful.”
  • “He follows the rules and works hard, listening and helping other kids.”
  • “He is nice and he helps me.”
  • “He is nice. He is fun. He is smart. 

His teacher, Ms. Lake, says: “Congratulations, Arlind, on a well deserved award! I thoroughly enjoy having you in class! You are always very kind and considerate to everyone, and willing to help out. Recently, I have seen a positive and pleasing change, as you are beginning to take the initiative to help your classmates and me. You are becoming a great leader, while remaining humble. I am very excited for everything the rest of the year holds in store for you!”  

Urime, Arlind, për një çmim të merituar! Më pëlqen shumë që të kesh në klasë! Ju jeni gjithmonë shumë të dashur dhe të vëmendshëm ndaj të gjithëve dhe jeni të gatshëm të ndihmoni. Kohët e fundit, kam parë një ndryshim pozitiv dhe të këndshëm, pasi ju filloni të merrni iniciativën për të ndihmuar shokët tuaj të klasës dhe mua. Ju jeni duke u bërë një udhëheqës i madh, ndërsa jeni të përulur. Unë jam shumë i ngazëllyer për çdo gjë që pjesa tjetër e vitit mban në dyqan për ju!    

th Grade: Jackson Mercado

Some of the reasons Jackson’s classmates chose him, in their words:

  • “He helps me with my work.”
  • “He is nice, and kind. He is never mean to me.”
  • “He’s nice and he asks me what’s wrong.”
  • “He is nice, and a friend, and smart.”
  • “He always helps me when I need help.”
  • “He always has a smile, even when he broke his arm. He is a good example of being kind and happy.”
  • “He is never mean to anybody, and he likes everybody.”

His teacher, Mr. Crace, says: “Jackson is a student that shows respect for his teachers and peers. I feel students see Mr. Mercado as honest, trustworthy, and a good citizen by assisting other. Jackson can be depended on to do what’s right and has thoughtful interactions with others.”

th Grade: Ella Thompson

Some of the reasons Ella’s classmates chose her, in their words:

  • “She is nice, kind, and helps me when I need it. And she knows how to cheer me up when I am sad. And she is funny.”
    •  “She is kind and helpful, and the best friend ever!”
    • “She is nice and a good friend, and she is forgiving.”
    • “She is kind and caring, and whenever she notices that I am sad she strives to make me feel better."
    • “She doesn’t want drama, and always knows what to do to stop it.”

    Her teacher, Mr. Drury, says: “The fifth grade students chose Ella Thompson for the kind Kid of the Quarter. Ella's peers have written that she is a kind and friendly student who is helpful and cares about others’ feelings. She is funny and has a kind heart. 

    th Grade: Cole Reel

    Some of the reasons Cole’s classmates chose him, in their words:

    • “He never said anything mean, he is very helpful."
    • "He's a good friend."
    • He is always nice to me, and people, and animals.”
    • “I don’t know, he’s just kind and stuff.”
    • “I am choosing him because he is funny, and kind, and plays bump.”
    • “He is always there to help and cheer me up.”
    • "Cole is nice, kind and friendly."  

    His teacher, Mrs. Stuart, says: “Cole is always looking out for his friends. He supports them in all they do. Cole has a great sense of humor, and gets along well with others. He works hard at maintaining friendships, and making friends with new people. Cole is a very good friend.”

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